The flavour of freshly made mozzarella: it doesn’t exist anything better!

The Turuziello farm organizes a mozzarella making tour to show in real time the transformation of simple milk into mozzarella. We start with a guided tour to the farm to see the cows and calves. Then we go to the dairy where milk is curdled. Raw milk is heated to a 38°C temperature then liquid calf rennet (or kid rennet powder) is added and milk is left to coagulate for about 15-20 minutes. At this point caciottine can be made.

After this, the curd is broken into grains as large as a nut. The curd has to ferment for about 3-4 hours and then is cut into strips and put into containers where it will be worked in hot water. There comes the most creative and amusing phase of mozzarella making process, where the mass is pressed and squeezed and manipulated. At this point mozzarella can be eaten, a warm combination of sweet and salty, a real pleasure of the senses.

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